dustin and candice

I met Candice and Dustin when she excitedly walked up to me at church one day and said she wanted to book a photoshoot sometime soon. I liked them immediately (even though Dustin was less than excited about the idea of a photoshoot)! They’re warm, friendly people; I felt at ease with them from the start. And they BOTH have an incredible sense of fashion. They always look like they’ve stepped out of a magazine…a cool, surfer chic magazine where everyone is effortlessly fashionable and attractive. Ha! I can’t wait to see their adorable kiddos one day. No hurry though you two. 🙂

They planned every little detail of the shoot and made my job an absolute breeze. It was SO MUCH FUN working with them. Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon, Candice and Dustin!

We were headed to One Ocean for a few inside shots when we ran into some of the Scarlett Lillian workshop attendees. I got to meet Jess, who follows my blog and has the most vibrant red hair I’ve ever seen. And saw cute Kayla and a few other familiar faces. I always enjoy running into other photographers during photoshoots. It’s a fun little surprise. 🙂