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Want to know how I do what I do? Here’s your chance to ask me anything! When I started in this industry several years ago I…

Want to know how I do what I do?
Here’s your chance to ask me anything!

When I started in this industry several years ago I wish I would have known someone who was doing this type of mentoring program; someone I could ask all of my embarrassing photography business questions. I truly believe I could’ve saved myself a lot of frustration, headaches and moolah.

Now I get questions from other photographers all the time. Really good questions! And while I love hearing from you, I just don’t always have the time to sit at my computer and respond to all of them. Regular FAQ posts on this blog seemed like a good solution, but I find myself overwhelmed with answering all the questions. I want to! It’s just hard. So I’ve come up with a fun solution for me AND you!

Here’s the deal: I’m a one-on-one type of person. I prefer to sit in a relaxed setting and chat openly and honestly with someone I feel comfortable with. And now I’m at a place where I can offer that to other photographers with my mentoring program: “How to Make Pink Coffee”. I want this to be a unique experience for photographers at all levels. This isn’t about me telling you how great I am. It’s about me answering your questions and telling you where I screwed up and where I’ve done well. Then helping you think of ways to implement fresh, new ideas into your own business.

I’ll tell you my secrets to:
-branding your business
-pricing your work
-finding your editing style
-using social media
-scouting for locations
-choosing the right clients for you
-saying no to the wrong clients (tactfully, of course!)

And this is my favorite part: I want you to experience the fast-paced craziness of a real photo session, so, “How to Make Pink Coffee” is also an opportunity for you to shoot a photo session with me. You get to pick the type of session!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Because this is Love Month I want to GIVE AWAY a spot to one lucky photographer. Yay! If you’re interested leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d like to have this opportunity. Make sure to include your email address. You have until Friday, February 12th. I’ll choose a winner at random and announce it on Valentines Day.

And…anyone who signs up during the month of February* will get $75 off the regular price.

Want more info? Contact me for a full package and all the fun details!

*Remember, February only has 28 days this year. 🙂


  1. reason i want to win:

    -i dont know where to start with my photography.
    -i dont know my style, or how to find it.
    -i dont know if my photography is 'worthy' for a buisness.
    -i feel like i try so hard to learn all that i can, but get absolutely nowhere.
    -there are times i would like to give up, but just can't quite yet.
    -i'm just a Christian girl begging for God to lead me in the right direction, but he can't help me unless i push myself!

    heres to winning

  2. I'm sure there are up and coming photogs who are much needier in some Lyndsay lovin'. I would just like the opportunity to spend time with you and get a peak inside your brain, whether that be with cameras in hand and subject in place or just sitting over coffee and chatting for a little bit. Your work has always been unique and inspiring and I enjoy seeing how very much God has blessed you through the art your share. Happy Love Day! <3

  3. This is great, i want to win because you are HOT, adorable, patient, skillful, intelligent, creative, unique, humble, have i mentioned beautiful?, great wife, great child of God, squeezable, interesting, surprising, eloquent, kind, and the list goes on!

  4. HELP!!!!!!! Ok, now that I have your attention…I need help with the whole thing! I know who I am as a person, but I need to complete my photography branding and the business area of it. You are very artsy (like I am too) and I would love to hang out with you for a day, and get your opinions and ideas about it. God gave me a talent, and I need to work it for Him…Thank you for all the good inspiration to keep going, even when I get down on myself sometimes (in regards to photography). ThankU

  5. I would love to sit and pick your brain. You are crazy talented. I really want to take photograpy classes to better learn how to take pics of my beautiful babies and start my own business, but we live in KY and I can't find a school in the state that teaches photography. I would love to start a business that fouses on children and families as there are very few up here who offer that. I don't know if it can be done long distance, but I am in Florida several times a year to see my fam

  6. Lyndsay, Let's just say that I would LOVE a chance to learn to Make Pink Coffee! I became SUPER interested in photography when the quest for my own wedding photog began. I have since started taking classes, reading books, blogs, and anything photography that I can get my hands on. I am a speech therapist and dying to use my creativity in my career. My dream is to shoot portraits and weddings so I can still work with people but be creative at the same time. And, I'm ready to make it

  7. Hi Lyndsay! I would LOVE to work with you to figure out a good direction for my business:) As you have a lot more experience than me, I think I would benefit tremendously from your advice. I also know that I would have a ton of fun!

  8. I guess it is my lucky day because I just stumbled on your post and I would LOVE to win! I feel like I am on my way as a photographer, but need that little extra kick to make it happen…. I would love to learn more about branding, editing, shooting and you! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the love this month!! -Kelli

  9. I still remember the picture of you standing on the side of the road with a sign that read "I want to spend a day with Scarlett." Precious! Now you are offering this great opportunity. I have followed your work for about a year and a half. I LOVE your spunkyness (is that a word), and your overall approach to your business. I WANT TO SPEND A Day WITH LYNDSAY!! I have so much to learn and would LOVE to learn it from YOU!!

  10. it should totally be me. this is why: i'm at a major turning point in my creative life and seriously need that one-on-one counsel/advice/knowledge from someone who's just a few steps further than me in the journey. also, i totally dig your work, branding and photography-as-ministry outlook. maybe if i enter six more times that would help, too? 🙂 regardless – what a great opportunity this is and i'm so excited to see you doing this!

  11. What a great opportunity! I love how you blog your life – so real, so fun. I would love to learn about how you manage to blog so much & how you use social media for your business. Also, learning how to tastefully say NO to clients that don't match my style would be awesome! I struggle with that one. Plus you look like a ton of fun!

  12. I want to win!!!! lol! I LOVE your work and I'm def still in the "much to learn" stages… Though I've been doing this for about 2 years.. I just don't feel I'm where I should be.. or I guess would like to be. I could use some help on some of the above for sure.

    I can't wait to see who the Lucky winner will be!!!

  13. I am a blog stalker. I follow your blog on a regular basis! You do amazing work and seem like such a fun person to be around! I would love to come have a mentoring session with you. I have not been able to afford to go to any workshops, and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more! Please pick me 🙂

  14. I want/need this opportunity because I am ready to make my dreams come true. God gave me a good eye now its time for me to work for the detail. I am ready to glean.

  15. That's false advertising. I was expecting to find out how to actually make pink colored coffee. I assumed it was another one of Anderson's Brazilian traditions like the avocado milk shake.

  16. Hey! I would love to have this opportunity your a great person to work with and your an amazing photographer 🙂 I'm very interested in photography and love to learn more..and to use different skills. PLEASE pick me 🙂 Thank you Jordan Lee

  17. Still being new to the business and trying to establish all of what you said above….It would be unjustice to pass an oppertunity to learn from such a creative, outgoing trendy photographer.

  18. Oh help help me Lyndsay, help help me Lyndsay help me Lynsday-figure out my camera!!! This is exactly what I need a session where I can ask you anything about my camera, figure out lenses and find that blue background you used for Becky and those two sweet girls! I would LOVE to win this!!

  19. WOW, this is such an exciting contest! I LOVE your blog and have been following it for awhile now. You seem to be so fun and sweet and I would be honored to be picked by you to learn from the best! I'm really trying to take my photography to the next level but I feel like I'm drowning. There is so much to learn. I would be on "cloud nine" to learn from you! thanks!!!

  20. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE your blog and your work. I keep up with your work and decorating ideas. I would love this opportunity because I am starting a new. I have 4kids 17 to 1yr..that is where starting new comes from. My new one has inspired me to make a dream real. I have been taking pics for about 7 years…I am a family friends photog. Love portraits and you do the most amazing ones I have seen so far. You love God, your husband then your work and I love that…thats how it should be!

  21. Lynds,

    How exciting! I am so proud of you & so happy for you.. I have always looked up to you, even when we used to go on faith adventures in your green mustang! lol.. it was green right? Anyways, I would LOVE to spend time with you and pick your brain, WHO WOULDN'T?? Good luck with your new adventure!

  22. Awesome so glad you're going to teach others how to make some pink coffee! I'd love to get the opportunity to pick your brain because I'm just 19 and getting started in photography while still in college. That makes it difficult to throw myself completely in to it because classes must come first, but I love learning as much as I can about it and hope to have established myself as a photographer by the time I graduate. I dedicate all my very rare spare time to becoming the be

  23. I would love the opportunity to learn so much more about photography and your awesomeness! I really just need to figure out what my style is, how to find great locations, etc. This is such a great opportunity, so thank you!

  24. I want to learn how to make Pink Coffee because it is not just about taking pictures but making art! Lyndsay you put the fun in funky and I want to learn how to make Pink Coffee, Pick me!!!

  25. Ever since I was little I've always loved the art of photography. You can communicate so much without words. You can capture the small things in life with just a click of a finger and a sweet lense, ofcourse! I love the fish. I have always wanted to learn what it takes to make pictures crisp and bright, etc. One day, I would like to have my own photography business and with an opportunity such as this to learn from one of the best, in my opinion, I would be thrilled beyond words if you pic

  26. You go girl! What a cute name for it, "How to make pink coffee!" That reminds me, I recently tried pink hot chocolate in San Diego. It was so yummy!

    Excited to see you growing by leaps and bounds! I adore you! 🙂

  27. What a kind thing for you to do offering your time and talents to others. I found your post through following Scarlett Lillian on twitter and just love your style. I need exactly what you are offering to share. I'm a newbie photog with the desire to learn! Hope I get to meet you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. I would love the chance to spend time with you! I need help figuring out what the next business steps should be! I don't know where to begin!

  29. WOW..first off your amazing for doing this. I would love to have this opportunity because I like you were once is just starting out. I started doing seniors, families, and kids last summer and have done just a handful of weddings. I know workshops are so worth the money but when your just starting out it's hard to find that money. I would love this opportunity more than anything. I have quite a few weddings scheduled for this year and feel this will help me so much! Thanks for the opportu

  30. Iâ₮â„Ēm a North Georgia girl, raised on a farm and country sunshine who is trying to take my love of photography a step further from hobby to profession. I have a simple, but absolute love affair with the camera, and the world seen through it. I have been trying for several months now to find an established photographer to shadow/train with. I've gotten one polite "no", and nothing from the rest. I understand most photographers hesitate to train somebody who could at some

  31. I am just starting out & as you mentioned from your own exp I too am asking myself a TON of Q's but not really have any mentors or guidance! I would LOVE the opportunity to meet you & share in your success story. I really need CC, guidance, help finding my style, the list goes on…its encouraging to know that you were once in my shoes but have since found success! 🙂

  32. Ooh, I'm so hopeful that I will win! I started my photography business about 6 months ago and I'm desperate for some fabulous advice! While things are going well (I think? How do I know?!), I'm not sure what "next steps" to take. I'd especially love advice from another Christian photographer – I really want to grow my business to the point that I can truly bless others with it … but I need help getting there!

    Thanks for this offering this fantastic oppor

  33. Hello – I admire your work and would be honored to spend time learning the aspects of your creative photography/business. I am a wife, mother of 2 kids, and a RN. I find my true self behind the camera. Life has its ways of throwing challenges at you but photography gives me the means to find happiness in the midst of it all. I love to capture emotion, and would love to build on the talent that God has given me.

  34. Hey! My sister-in-law has been telling me about you and your site and thought our style of photography was similar. I love your work by the way! I am a recent graduate from an amazing photography institute that has helped me to develop my talent but now I am trying to figure out how to get my business out there and fully going. This would be a wonderful opportunity.

  35. Hello, Lyndsay! I would love to have the opportunity to meet with you! I have two little boys and a husband in the military, so to have some help and advice would be very encouraging! Thank you for making this a dream come true for all of us!

  36. Hmmmm….where to start? Well, first of all YOU have a been a HUGE inspiration to me!!! YOU are sooooo creative and talented!!! YOU LOVE PINK!!!! 🙂 I'm just starting out and I have soooo much to learn, I would love for you to teach me! I believe with all my heart that God has given me this business, I want to use it for HIM and HIS glory! Please help me become the best I can be!!! I would LOVE to make pink Coffee!!!! ((Hugs))
    Julie Paisley

  37. I would LOVE to know how to make PINK Coffee! I've followed you for a while now and love your style! I'm still in the learning stages of the biz and could def use some tips, advice, and whatever else you're willing to share! I'm getting married in March and have been TOTALLY consumed in the planning process! In much need of a fresh start with my photography business. This has been a hobby and a passion of mine since I can remember.. just need a lil' pink coffee to h

  38. Hi Lyndsay!! What an exciting and generous giveaway! I adore your blog and your unique, funky style! I just bought my new camera (I'm a Canon girl too!) and I'm at the point where I've been scouring the web any chance I get just desperate to learn more! I'm no professional, and I don't own a photography business, but I would love the opportunity to glean from you! The Lord has certainly blessed you with a great deal of talent. I want to learn how to make PINK coffee

  39. As the Art Director at JU, I am constantly asked to conduct photoshoots for a variety of projects on campus. I have a handle on the technical aspect of photography (a designer's view), but want to learn how to make the client come alive as Lyndsay does so incredibly well. This opportunity would be invaluable to me as well as to the university â₮“ photos and the people in them play a colossal part in our recruiting materials. I want to be better at my job and need a bit of mentoring t

  40. I would love to be a part of this! I think that you are awesome at what you do. I told my husband that I want to make it look like our clients are jumping off the photo the way you do…your photos are completely 3 dimensional like if that makes sense 🙂 They aren't flat at all. I want to take our business another step and I am running out of ideas to do it.

  41. I am so excited for you and this new venture you are on in your business. You are such a doll and whoever gets this opportunity will be very lucky! Thrifting soon?!?!

  42. I would love to win this because I am starting a business with my best friend and we would love tips hints and tricks!!!!! We both love your syle and creativity!!! So pick us please!!!!

  43. So when is the "Random Indiana Resident Who I've Never Met Gets A Free Session With Airfare For Her Whole Family" contest?! 🙂 Seriously though, I've said it before and I'll say it again…I REALLY wish I could hire you to do some family pictures!!! Your work is amazing.

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