how to make pink coffee

Want to know how I do what I do?
Here’s your chance to ask me anything!

When I started in this industry several years ago I wish I would have known someone who was doing this type of mentoring program; someone I could ask all of my embarrassing photography business questions. I truly believe I could’ve saved myself a lot of frustration, headaches and moolah.

Now I get questions from other photographers all the time. Really good questions! And while I love hearing from you, I just don’t always have the time to sit at my computer and respond to all of them. Regular FAQ posts on this blog seemed like a good solution, but I find myself overwhelmed with answering all the questions. I want to! It’s just hard. So I’ve come up with a fun solution for me AND you!

Here’s the deal: I’m a one-on-one type of person. I prefer to sit in a relaxed setting and chat openly and honestly with someone I feel comfortable with. And now I’m at a place where I can offer that to other photographers with my mentoring program: “How to Make Pink Coffee”. I want this to be a unique experience for photographers at all levels. This isn’t about me telling you how great I am. It’s about me answering your questions and telling you where I screwed up and where I’ve done well. Then helping you think of ways to implement fresh, new ideas into your own business.

I’ll tell you my secrets to:
-branding your business
-pricing your work
-finding your editing style
-using social media
-scouting for locations
-choosing the right clients for you
-saying no to the wrong clients (tactfully, of course!)

And this is my favorite part: I want you to experience the fast-paced craziness of a real photo session, so, “How to Make Pink Coffee” is also an opportunity for you to shoot a photo session with me. You get to pick the type of session!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Because this is Love Month I want to GIVE AWAY a spot to one lucky photographer. Yay! If you’re interested leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d like to have this opportunity. Make sure to include your email address. You have until Friday, February 12th. I’ll choose a winner at random and announce it on Valentines Day.

And…anyone who signs up during the month of February* will get $75 off the regular price.

Want more info? Contact me for a full package and all the fun details!

*Remember, February only has 28 days this year. 🙂