the avocado shake

When two people from different continents live under one roof it creates a unique set of challenges. Some people refer to them as "cultural differences". There are the big ones like family dynamics and how to celebrate holidays and the day-to-day ones that mostly involve (at least at our house) food! When I first started dating Anderson I was downright annoyed with him. I mean seriously, who doesn't like pecan pie…or vegetables? And yeah, sure beans and rice are okay, but who eats them everyday? How boring. Even though we've been together for several years now, we still disagree on the food thing. He won't taste my cheese grits or casseroles, and I think his quindim is rather bland. So there! And you all know how I feel about red meat-the 6th major food group if you ask a Brazilian!

We've even brought our friends in on the great food debate from time to time. Anderson has been telling me and our buds, Ben and Audrey, about a delicious Brazilian avocado shake for the longest time. He brings it up every time the three of us eat guacamole. (Naturally, he doesn't like guacamole.) So we finally challenged him to PROVE IT!

So here you have it friends…the great avocado shake tutorial.

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…the great debate continues. šŸ™‚