Between taking down my fall decorations, replacing them with Christmas ones, buying and wrapping presents and processing print orders I didn’t have time for a true OPAM in December, but I did make some fun decor and thought you might enjoy it. Maybe you can save an idea or two for next year!

I love wreathes-and when I saw these yarn ones I was excited to try making one.

It wasn’t hard to make, but wrapping the yarn around the foam wreath 5,000 times was NOT my favorite part. Once it was wrapped I added the pom poms, felt leaves and a little fabric yo-yo for accent!


Paint sample gift tags.

Left: A big tree limb Anderson swiped for me from the little patch of woods in the middle of our neighborhood. I spray-painted it and stuck it in an IKEA flower pot.
Right: Oh, Christmas Tree!

More of the white tree.

I found this old record at the thrift store. Isn’t it fun?!

Pom pom garland.

Left: A fun pillow I made out of fabric that has flamingos and motor homes on it-ha!
Right: The stockings hung by the TV with care. 🙂 When we built our house Anderson didn’t think we needed a fireplace. I agreed. I mean, it is Florida! But now his ridiculously large TV is the only place for our stockings to hang…sad.

The dining room.

Left: Little pink tree in the kitchen.
Right: A couple of the many crystal trees in the dining room.

I looked for bright green cloth napkins everywhere but couldn’t find any. So, I bought these bandanas instead (for $.99).

Left: Crystal trees and a pink feather wreath that I made…on the dining room table.
Right: Some of the cards we got from family and friends. I loved them ALL!

Left: The frequently updated chalk wall!
Right: Merry and Bright

Oh, and can you believe the birthday celebrations are still going on? Anderson and I just can’t let it go-ha! We’re going out to celebrate his birth with my parents tonight. Of course he requested a buffet…seafood. It seems like a lot of our celebrations involve eating!

I like Maggianos, so we went there for my birthday.

Mom and Dad.

Anderson and Me.

Anderson wanted to see Avatar on his b-day, so we did. In IMAX 3D!

We ate at Gypsy Cab Company in St. Augustine on my actual day of birth. It’s my favorite restaurant! Then we had to swing by the Fountain of Youth for some pictures.

Doesn’t he look youthful?!

And yet another night of celebration at a Yummy Mexican restaurant. Yeah, I haven’t really cooked much lately!!!