I ventured away from the home improvement projects for this month’s OPAM. I mentioned in this post back in the spring that I wanted to create some pretty fabric flower necklaces. Well, ever since then I’ve been making fabric flowers and putting them on necklaces, pillows, lamps, chandeliers, bracelets…you get the point. They’re so much fun to make…and wear! Then a few weeks ago I started thinking it would be fun to make some necklaces out of fake flowers. Big, gaudy necklaces! So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a few supplies:

-Fake red flowers. (I’m not sure what these are called, but I really like the look of them.)
-Black felt
-Metal rings
-Black chiffon
-Black ribbon

I already had most of the crafty items around the house. (By the way, we need more closets for storing crafty goodies!) I just played around with the design and worked on it for a few hours.


I can’t wait to make some in fall colors-with feathers and rhinestones! And I’m thinking they would be so amazing for bridesmaids to wear. Maybe instead of carrying flowers?