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I haven’t done it in 15 years. I’ve just been too scared. Shortly after meeting Anderson I learned that he LOVES riding his bike. He thinks of reasons…

I haven’t done it in 15 years. I’ve just been too scared.

Shortly after meeting Anderson I learned that he LOVES riding his bike. He thinks of reasons to run to the grocery store or Target just so he can ride. When we met he thought it was strange that I lived at the beach – the perfect place for bike riding – and didn’t even own one. I told him simply, “I don’t like riding bikes.” I soon learned that a simple answer is never sufficient for my husband. He wants to know why. He wants the whole story. I finally told him about my bike accident when I was 12 years old. I was so scared that I never rode one again. I know it’s crazy, but I just couldn’t do it! He can be very convincing, and he knows it, so he’s relentless sometimes. But I’m just as stubborn as him and have yet to give in to his pleads for me to give bike riding another chance.

Until the other day…

just like riding a bike. from lyndsay hyatt-almeida on Vimeo.

I had to share this, because well…I think it’s funny. And I’m pretty proud of myself. 🙂

So now I’m looking for the perfect bike. I’m thinking something bright and retro with a basket. It must have a basket!

So far the Gypsy Cruiser  is my favorite.

And I’m thinking about planning a trip that revolves around bike riding. I hear Seaside, Florida  is the perfect spot for it. Yeah, I know. I obsess a little.


  1. Too funny! But you did it! You could always get a bicycle built for 2 and that way Anderson could do all the pedaling!! Too cute!

  2. Lyndsay, this is absolutey GREAT!!!! I can't wait for Taylor to watch it. I have always said that y'all were sooo much alike and this proves me right again!!! She can't ride a bike either, nor does she want to. Though, she will have to learn now that you have conquered your fear!

  3. So cute Lyndsay! I can relate. I was hit by a car on a bike when I was 12. I still get scared when I ride a bike.
    Way to go, good job!

  4. I must say I understand your fear, at 28 My husband and I where riding bikes in our nice quiet little neighborhood and I feel off my bike into a ditch and my husband (who thankfully had the baby on his bike) could not stop laughing and who else was riding in our direction…but our neighbors and they too where laughing. We still laugh about that to this day!
    I love your choice in bike and I love your blogs and your photography. It is a bright spot in the day!
    Thank you!

  5. *LOL* We've never met, but I am so proud of you!!! It's a scary thing to pick up what you put down so long ago. What a metephor you've shown all of us! No matter how long it's been, it's never too late to conquer your fears.

    You rock Miss Lindsay!

    P.s. I LOVE the bike you've picked out! It's so YOU! :oD

  6. That was hilarious! You did good for the 15 year break. Me and my husband recently got bikes and we love to go riding together with my daughter.

  7. Hahahahah! This video is awesome! So cute and so funny! It was also interesting to see that love for bikes (and riding) runs in the Almeidas. I own a mountain bike and ride it almost everyday inside and out the trails. I am glad you are starting to love it too. You definitely need a smaller bike, will feel so much better and will be way easier. Just keep riding!

  8. Ha!!! We ride our bikes all over the place in St. Augustine too. I'll have to actually take some video of mine and Dani's skateboarding adventures… similar thing with us, he had to talk me into getting back on one after I had an accident involving rocks and an oncoming SUV. LOL

  9. Oh my word, I just almost wet my pants. This is too funny and close to home. Grant has tried to teach me how to ride a bike too. I just can't brake/stop very well, is that so bad?

  10. I am SOOOOOOOOOO embarassed. Not really, I haven't laughed that much since you fell off the 4 wheeler but wouldn't let go of the handlebars. Love you.

  11. Letting you know I just brought Carl to see this. He cracked up and was like "you guys DO have a lot in common!" Um then mentioned something about taking video cameras for OUR adventures that freak me out…..this scares me. I plan to distract him from this plan.

  12. Holy cow that was hilarious! I have to say I am not huge bike riding fan either.. Anderson sounds like Ryan.. Except he thought kayaking in Mexico would be a good idea.. Umm not for me it wouldn't since I am not athletic and have horrible balance..Let's just say he quickly decided that we were not going to make it out very far without me freaking out! LOL

  13. Lyndsayyy, i just adore you!!! and thank you for helping me lose 5 pounds… i think i just burned enough calories from laughing so hard at your video! XO!

  14. That is the absolute funniest…cutest thing I've seen in a while. My son is 9 and when he was 3 or so…I was trying to "help" him ride his bike w/training wheels. Well, lo and behold, I accidentally made him fall and road rash his knees. He HASN'T been on one since. No matter how bad I beg…how hard I try to persuade…he has no desire. Even when I say, "all the other boys are riding bikes." He says, "face it, I'm just not like "all&

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