Have you heard of OPAM? It stands for One Project A Month and is a fun little challenge that I’ve seen some other bloggers doing….

Have you heard of OPAM? It stands for One Project A Month and is a fun little challenge that I’ve seen some other bloggers doing. I sometimes struggle to complete projects around the house, because there are just so many to work on. So I’ve decided to join the OPAM excitement. Here’s how it works: You pick a project (it can be anything) that you want to complete within a month. Then post before and after pictures on your blog. Simple right?!

If you decide to join me feel free to post a link to your project in my comments. We’ll see how this all pans out over time, but for now here’s my completed May project. When we moved into our home last year I knew exactly what I wanted to do on one of the large living room walls- a photo wall. Like most of my ideas it seemed easy enough but grew more and more complicated. Oh well, I’m thrilled with the results, so it was worth it!

Tips: 1. If you do a photo wall, make sure you look for frames before you have your images printed. I did it the opposite way. I had 12×12 prints made but couldn’t find that size rimless frames anywhere! UGH. After lots of searching I ended up ordering them from this online store. 2. Also, if you are like me and think bigger is always better, go with larger prints. If I did this again I’d have them printed at 20×20 instead of 12×12. The original plan was to hang 9 images, but they just didn’t take up enough space. I had to hang 15 to get the look I wanted. Did I mention I’m not very good with math and dimensions?!

Before. I didn’t take a before picture, so here’s one of some of our friends in front of the big ‘ole blank wall right after we moved in.


We’re blessed to have some incredibly talented photographer friends, so I wanted to give a little link love to everyone who’s art is on our wall:
Top row- jackie blair, audrey habeck, me, me, anderson
Middle row- audrey habeck, anderson, jackie blair, audrey habeck, heather thorne
Bottom row- me, justin lee, beth morgan, me, audrey habeck

Now I’m trying to think of a project for June. There are so many to choose from…:)


  1. Love it! YOU are talented! and gorgeous, and creative, and the list goes on. And, we have never even met in person. Imagine that! Good job on your hard work.

  2. I like the ones you have added to your collection since I was over last. I love the idea too. I did something similar but with all different shape & style frames. I think this OPAM thing is a very good idea. I think I might join in….

  3. Yay! I want to join! I hope I can keep up…this pregnancy has me totally unmotivated to do ANYTHING! Hopefully this will help πŸ™‚ I love your wall-art!! Awesome!

  4. That looks sooooo good! I've been wanting to do a photo wall for so long! You have inspired me girl πŸ™‚
    I love it!!!!

  5. I'm so stoked that my image made the wall. I love that shot of you. What a great wall…were did you get them printed. LOVE the squares. I really love the images from the night shoot. Ya'll are just too cute for words!

  6. lindsey-thank you. tara rocks, doesn’t she?!
    tori and steph-yay! can’t wait to see what you come up with. we will cut each other some slack, so don’t worry. πŸ™‚

  7. {img}246_12{/img} Hi Lyndsay! I have to say that I love photography, too! While I have a very different style than you… I love, love, LOVE your stuff! Great job!!!

  8. I am always amazed by your creativity! You inspired my 30 things to do before I turn 30 and am now inspired by this idea as well. I miss you and can't wait to see your new home!

  9. Aww! Awesome! I am flattered you hung my work out of all the amazing photographers that shot you in vegas! =)

  10. I love the OPAM…..it gave me some much needed inspiration. One project a month should be do-able!! Thanks and keep up the good work πŸ™‚ Your pics look cool. Im a blog stalker!!! LOL

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