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When I said, “I do” to Anderson one year ago I had no idea what the months following would entail. I was sufficiently warned that the first…

When I said, “I do” to Anderson one year ago I had no idea what the months following would entail. I was sufficiently warned that the first year is the hardest and prepared myself for disagreements over all the hot topics. You know: money, work, sex, communication, what to make for dinner, whether or not we should buy a dog, etc. 🙂 But I’m so thankful that I can honestly say it was much easier than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our share of arguments, I mean lively discussions! What else can you expect with two highly-opinionated people living under the same roof?! But I couldn’t have imagined a happier, more joyful experience than this year. Our FIRST year!

We celebrated in Orlando over the weekend. We’re horrible at taking self portraits. It always makes me laugh!

Left-A card I made for Anderson. Right-Anderson at our hotel in Downtown Orlando.

Trying to put our Ikea purchases in the Mini Cooper. He did it too! Everyone was staring as we pulled into the loading area with that tiny car. 🙂

Left-Me on the road. Right-Lyrics from a Ben Harper song.

My mom is simply the coolest mom ever. She had this little mini replica made of our wedding cake. We were really excited about eating the top tier of our cake on our anniversary, but she was worried that it would be gross. She was right. This cake was much tastier than the original!


  1. AWE lynds, congrats happy 1 year!! Mine and Michaels 2 year anniv. is May 30, I cant wait!

    It has been the greatest journey I have ever ventured though, I love my love and I love being married to him. 🙂

    Good thinking Mrs. Hyatt on getting the fresh cake, we did the same, my frozen one was yuck! 🙂

    Happy Anniversary Love!

  2. Aw, congrats girl! So exciting! That picture of Anderson @ Ikea is absolutely adorable! I can totally relate…I have a VW Beetle and everyone stares whenever I try to even put luggage in it! 🙂

  3. Congrats Girl.Yall look so happy. Me and Kevin just had our 15th.WOW LOL Enjoy each other, the years go by faster than you expect.

  4. Happy Anniversary you two! Love the cake and your self portraits are perfect. You two are just two cute. Hope you have many many more wonderful years together!

    PS-I love Ben Harper!

  5. Congrats you two!! I'm coming up on my one year in 3 weeks and we planned to go to Orlando but we're going camping instead because we are crazy! That cake is too cool! We got married in Vegas so we didn't have a cake, I might have to actually make us one to eat for our anniversary. haha

  6. I love the mini cake… Our top tier from the wedding was well… A little stale tasting. Nick and I went to Orlando for our one year anniversary too and IKEA was A must. We really need one in JAX.. XOXO

  7. I LOVE that card! I laughed out loud when I saw that 🙂 Hope you guys have MANY many more wonderful years to come!

  8. Whoever said year one is the hardest is a LIAR! Year one is amazing. You still think that he is handsome and rugged. He still thinks you are beautiful without makeup and all your quirks are cute. Be prepared for year 7…you are both getting old and all of the quirks are really annoying! But luckily by then you are each others right arm. You wouldn't know what to do without each other. Good luck on many many years to come.

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