my new home

I’m SO EXCITED to finally welcome you to my new blog home! I’ve been holding back on blogging for the last month, because I wanted to save the good stuff for my new place. Boy do I have a lot to catch you up on; so sit back, get comfortable and make a cup of hot chocolate. Phew, here goes:

Here’s a little back-story: I told myself at the beginning of 2008 that when my blog started getting consistent traffic and followers I would upgrade to a custom site. Just about the time I was getting ready to hire a designer, I came across a contest on fellow Jacksonville photographer, Scarlett Lillian’s blog. I entered the picture above, and you helped me win the grand prize-a brand new, custom blog designed by flosites! Thank you so much for supporting me in that contest. I’ve heard seasoned photographers talk about their “big break”. Winning this contest was definitely mine!

I also want to thank Scarlett, who has become a dear friend over the last year. She is an incredibly talented photographer, but her giving spirit is what really impressed me about her. I love that she is all about sharing her knowledge and resources. I know the rest of you do too, because the girl has some serious blog followers! Ever since my picture was on her site, pink coffee photoart has grown tremendously. Scarlett, thank you so much for this opportunity. By the way, she’s running another contest right now, so go vote. I told you she’s always giving back!

Over the last few months I’ve been working with the incredibly talented staff at flosites to design this blogsite. My favorite part of this entire process has been adding fun elements to the site to make it more personal. I like to think of it as accessorizing, and ya’ll know I like accessories! We’re still adding a little bling here, a little sparkle there, but I couldn’t wait to share it with you any longer.

I’m incredibly excited about the year ahead, personally and professionally. God has placed some fabulous people in my life and given me some amazing opportunities. I can’t help but feel like He wants to use me in big ways, and I’m so ready. Bring it on!

Okay, I could go on and on, but I’ll keep this short for today. I love your feedback, so let me know what you think and check back again tomorrow for details about my own contest!!!